“Daring to set boundaries is about having the courage to love ourselves, even when we risk disappointing others.” - Brene Brown


Setting healthy boundaries is an essential part of being able to live a wholehearted life.

This 60 minute pre-recorded virtual workshop and companion guide will inspire and help you to create healthier boundaries that lead to heart-led relationships that are built upon mutual respect. Boundaries are often thought of as walls when in fact, they are doorways to having the right kind of people and relationships in your life.

Boundaries are flexible, changeable and will shift as you move about your life and life experience. A regular check-in and upgrade to your boundaries will help you feel empowered to choose the kind of relationships that are meant for you. This process will also help you understand more about your own innermost desires and values - work that will led you to a greater sense of self.

Healthy boundary setting is a skill and one that can take some practice, but wow ... it is so worth your effort. The elements of this process are rewarding in a way that can change the trajectory of your life in the most soul-nourishing ways.

It has for me, my clients and my community of rockstar women. It's the reason that I dedicate an entire module of my signature program ROOTS to this very topic. I am thrilled to offer it to you.


60 Minute Virtual Workshop

Led by Dr. Laura Foster.

In-Depth Digital Companion

A downloadable guide.

Stronger Relationships

Boundaries = The KEY to all healthy relationships.


You will benefit from Badass Boundary setting if: 

  • You have way too many toxic relationships in your life
  • You chronically over-give in some or most relationships and find yourself saying yes to others at your expense (often leading to resentment/anger or burnout)
  • You find yourself being what other people need/want you to be and not what you need to be
  • You excessively or obsessively worry what other people think of or about you
  • You feel escessively responsible for other people’s emotions
  • You feel disconnected from yourself and your needs
  • You feel take for granted or under-appreciated in relationships
  • You feel burned out, resentful or angry in one or more relationships in your life.

Be Prepared to Experience:

  • A greater sense of wellbeing and fulfilment.
  • Stronger relationships built upon mutual respect.
  • A self identity that tells people (including yourself) what you will and will not be responsible for.
  • ​Self autonomy that permits you to make decisions that are good for you - and not just the people around you.
  • ​A deep sense of self honouring and self nourishment.
  • ​A path back to your TRUE self - a homecoming of sorts.